What happened in Dubai?

I paid 16 dhs for the gold class at the Mashreq Metro station. I heard that regular seats were too crowded because it was a holiday, so I had no choice but to transfer the gold class even if I paid more. This Gold Class ticket is similar to business classes of airplanes. It is usually the front compartment of the subway or is placed at the back. It is said that a fine of 100 dhs will be imposed for using the gold class with regular tickets, not the gold class, so please be careful.

Gold Class Cabin

Perhaps because it was a holiday, I stood without a seat in the gold class, got off at my destination Sobha Reality Metro Station, and transferred from Dubai Marina across the street to Tram. Don’t forget to always tag the purchased Nol tickets when moving. I don’t know if there’s a fine, but you’d better follow it because the Notice tells you to tag it.
Unlike metro, tram has a driver. It has a very antique feeling and atmosphere. If you want to look around the city, I think it would be good choice to use a tram.
After passing through four stops by tram, I got off at Palm Jumeirah Station. It is quite far to go to Palm Gateway Station to take the monorail again. You have to walk about 400m. It’s acceptable walking distance because it’s winter season now, but if it was a hot summer weather, I really don’t want to imagine it.

Transfer to Monorail Platform

It is said that it takes about 8 minutes to get to Atlantis Adventure Station, the last stop of the monorail, but the ticket price is more expensive than expected. If it’s 30dhs, it means that you just spent your lunch. There seems to be a variety of discount vouchers, so it is recommended that those who want to use the monorail look into the vouchers in advance. In other words, we paid a lot of money and got on the monorail.
Palm Jumeirah, seen through the monorail, is not enough to say “really fantastic.” Who would have imagined that it would be possible in any imagination to build an apartment on a huge artificially made island and build a huge shopping mall, and that it would be realized in reality?
To use the observatory, I had to get off at Nakheel Mall, and I had to pay an additional 5dhs for the exit cost.

Monorail Ticket

What’s the point of blaming the better for not being able to investigate in advance?
When I arrived at Nakheel Mall, it looked like an ordinary huge shopping mall. Tickets were issued to go to the observatory, but 100 dhs must be covered to enjoy a wonderful view from the observatory on the 52nd floor. VIP tickets are 300dhs, so you can choose one of two options.

The Ticket for The View at the Palm

Before climbing the observatory on the 52nd floor, Video clip (approximately 3 mins )and explanations about the background history of Palm Jumeirah’s birth were provided. It is said that a huge amount of sand and money were invested starting in 1997. I think it would have been possible if the UAE had not produced oil.
I would like to applaud the king’s determination to plan and promote an artificial island. The title of the world’s best artificial island did not seem to have been easily obtained. Jumeirah from the observatory on 52th floor was really beautiful. It is difficult to judge the passion from the view that enormous effort and money were invested in building apartments and houses on palm tree-shaped artificial islands.

Jumeirah village on 52th floor Observatory

The construction project, which has spent billions of dollars, has never been a sky. It seems that it is not a lie to say that the reason why so many tourists from all over the world come to Dubai is to see the Burz Khalifa and the Jumeirah Palm here.
Dubai is still creating a new world. It is shaped like Palm Jumeirah, but the larger Palm Jebel Ali and the world islands, which shape the Earth as islands, are still under construction. If this huge project is successfully completed, Dubai will become an icon of a bigger world than it is now. However, no one knows the end of oil money. Since it is a project that has invested a huge amount of money, the risk is also expected to be prepared. Of course, I am one of the positive evaluators that this project will be successfully completed.

Palm Atlantis Hotel

After drinking a cup of coffee and relaxing at the Palm Atlantis hotel, we returned to our hotel by taxi. When we arrived at our hotel, the taxi fare was only 35 dhs. It was less than the cost of monorail (two people 70 dhs). Therefore, it is recommended to purchase and use a one-way ticket rather than a round trip one for monorail. When returning, it would be a good choice to ride on taxi and connect the metro station nearby.

Now, I am hesitating about where to go in Dubai. If you are a reader ,living in Dubai ,of this article, please recommend it. I will stay here in Dubai until March.




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